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At Affordable Electricians Dublin we strive to offer our clients the highest electrical standards service in the greater Dublin area at affordable prices.

Our team will go the extra mile for our clients when needed and give our honest professional opinion on any electrical quires or issues you might have.

Feel free to browse our website for more information or additionally fill out the contact form and a member of staff will contact you ASAP.


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13 Amp Double Socket

13 Amp Double Socket

13 Amp Double Socket


1 Gang 1 Way Switch

13 Amp Double Socket

13 Amp Double Socket


2 Gang 2 Way Switch

13 Amp Double Socket

2 Gang 2 Way Switch


3 Gang Switch

3 Gang Switch

2 Gang 2 Way Switch


Single Socket

3 Gang Switch

Single Socket


LED Strip

3 Gang Switch

Single Socket


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Reliable Electricians In Dublin

Unlike any other electrician in Dublin or local electricians

Affordable Electricians Dublin specialize in residential and commercial electrical services, We are dedicated to providing customer service that is second to none at very affordable prices. Whether you need a small wiring fix or the installation of state-of-the-art "smart home" automation, we can get the job done right.Affordable Electricians Dublin will go that extra mile for our clients.All of our Electricians cover Dublin.Electrician Dublin North and Dublin South.


Frequently Asked QuestionsBelow are some questions often asked of electrical contractors and electricians? We hope they will answer some of the initial questions you have.

If you need further information - we will be happy to help you.

Q:How do I know if someone is competent to do electrical work?

A:A person can demonstrate competence to perform electrical work if they have successfully completed an assessed training course, run by an accredited training organisation, that included the type of work being considered. As part of that course, this person should have demonstrated an ability to understand electrical theory and put this into practice.

A successfully completed electrical apprenticeship, with some post-apprenticeship experience, is a good way of demonstrating competence for general electrical work. More specialised work, such as maintenance of high-voltage switchgear or control system modification, is almost certainly likely to require additional training and experience.

Q:Can I do my own electrical work?

A:You can do your own electrical work if you are competent to do so. Simple tasks such as wiring a plug are within the grasp of many people but more complex tasks, such as modifying an electrical installation, may not be.

It is particularly important that anyone who undertakes electrical work is able to satisfy the requirements of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 and the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989. At Affordable Electricians Dublin , we comply fully with these requirements.

Q:When should I use a residual current device?

A:It is advisable to use a residual current device (RCD) whenever possible but particularly in wet or damp locations, such as outdoors. An RCD rated at no more than 30 mA limits the energy in a particular type of electric shock and can save your life. However, an RCD cannot protect you from every type of electric shock, so you should still make sure that circuits are securely isolated before you work on them.

It is best to use an RCD that is incorporated into the switchboard of your installation. This means that all circuits fed from that RCD are protected by it. An RCD that is incorporated into an ordinary mains socket, or plugged into it, will protect anything attached to that socket, but it is possible that equipment may be plugged into another, unprotected socket.

RCDs should be regularly tested by pressing the 'test' button and making sure the RCD trips. Faulty or inoperative RCDs should be removed from use.

RCDs rated above 30 mA provide very limited protection against harm from an electric shock.

Q:What should I do to avoid danger from underground cables or wires?

A:If you are digging or disturbing the earth you should take care to avoid damaging underground services. Underground electrical cables can be particularly hazardous because they often look like pipes and it is impossible to tell if they are live just by looking at them.

Damage to underground electrical cables can cause fatal or severe injury and the law says you must take precautions to avoid danger. If you need any advice in this area please contact Affordable Electricians Dublin 

Q:When is it safe to work on live electrical equipment?

A:It is never absolutely safe to work on live electrical equipment. There are few circumstances where it is necessary to work live, and this must only be done after it has been determined that it is unreasonable for the work to be done dead (i.e. disconnected). Even if working live can be justified, many precautions are needed to make sure that the risk is reduced 'so far as is reasonably practicable'.


Flexible Services At Affordable Prices

At Affordable Electricians Dublin we strive to offer our clients a top professional service at a low cost prices.Our staff cover all of the Dublin area.What makes us different compared to other electrical companies in Dublin is we do not charge for call outs.Feel free to browse our website by clicking on the menu button.All our electricians work is carried out to the highest national ETCI regulations   If your looking for an electrician in Dublin our electricians cover all of Dublin area.All our electricians work is carried out to the highest professional standard.

Our team of fully qualified and insured electricians will go that extra mile for our clients.Whether its a small or large scale project our staff are there to help you step by step to achieve your desired goal.Since 2008 we become one the leading electrical companies in the domestic and commercial sector.If its as simple as having a socket replaced or a full rewire all work is welcome.If your looking for an electrician in Dublin Our services include :Fuseboard upgrade. Extra sockects points. Extra switch points. Security lighting. Cooker replacement. Shower installation. Outside decking lighting. Led lighting. Lighting design. Immersion replacement. Flat screen installation. CCTV installation. Outdoor sockets. Outdoor switches. Fire alarm and carbonioxcide dectors.We are now offering our clients a 15% discount on all services if you recommend us to a friend. Affordable Electricians Dublin have a reputation for quality and service at a price you can afford and trust. We pride ourselves on doing electrical work at a cheap and affordable price and always endeavour to itemise all jobs before we commence. It’s for this reason Affordable Electricians Dublin are the leading domestic electricians in Dublin.Our reputation is built on word of mouth and repeat business, making us the Leading domestic electricians  in Dublin. We offer up front pricing so that you are not hit with any unexpected bills.All too often electricians charge a price that they think they can get away with and so by showing our price structure you know you will get value for money and a good honest job from Affordable Electricians Dublin.Are you a Dublin Landlord who requires a reliable, trustworthy electrician on call 24 Hours a day and covering all Dublin City and County? If so Affordable Electricians Dublin would like to talk to you to discuss how we can best cater for your needs. We are all too aware of Landlords who have been overcharged by other electricians in Dublin, often booked by tenants themselves, for minor repair work. By setting up an agreement with Affordable Electricians Dublin your tenants will know who to call in an emergency. You can then be satisfied that your property is fixed to the highest of standards, your tenants will be happy and so will your bank account. We also give full written receipts for all work carried out.We cover the follwing areas. Electrician Dublin 1 - Electrician Dublin 2 - Electrician Dublin 3 - Electrician Dublin 4 - Electrician Dublin 6 - Electrician Dublin 7 - Electrician Dublin 8 - Electrician Dublin 9 - Electrician Dublin 10 - Electrician Dublin 11 - Electrician Dublin 12 - Electrician Dublin 13 - Electrician Dublin 14 - Electrician Dublin 15 - Electrician Dublin 16 - Electrician Dublin 17 - Electrician Dublin 18 - Electrician Dublin 19 - Electrician Dublin 20 - Electrician Dublin 21 - Electrician Dublin 22 - Electrician Dublin 24  .

Fuseboard Upgrade 

When all the lights and appliances along a single circuit go dark at the same time, it is almost always because the circuit breaker or fuse controlling that circuit has tripped or burned out. In older homes, the electrical service panel will have a group of fuses that control and protect the circuits, but it is more likely that your home has an electrical service panel with a series of lever-operated circuit breakers that control the circuits. Whatever the nature of your service panel, the breakers or fuses serve to automatically shut off power to the circuit wires if something goes wrong. In the case of circuit breakers, the immediate answer is to find the breaker that has "tripped" and reset the lever to the ON position. With a fuse, a metal filament inside the fuse has burned through, and you'll need to replace the fuse with a new one. 

But it is important that you understand why the breaker has tripped or the fuse has blown to avoid having it happen again. Affordable Electricians Dublin offer a fuseboard service to check or replace each connection and individual MCB and RCD plus main 63 amp or 80 amp main switch fuse to give you piece of mind. Fuseboard service €35


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We strive to save you both time and money by combining our deep experience, the highest quality parts and equipment, and our dedication to delivering exceptional service. We will not leave the job until you are satisfied.


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